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                           The experienced and specialised staff of SIRC are the official Health Care & Recovery team for Injury Rehabilitation and Core Training  for                             the  Ontario Soccer Association



                           The pristine and unique pearl of Canadian Soccer in Ontario is the Soccer Centre, Head office to the Ontario Soccer Association where                                    the Sports Injury & Rehab Centre houses its Affiliate Office as a complete medical and fitness facility providing access to the most                                        modern and cutting edge medical treatment and on field training experience.

                            The Sports Injury & Rehab Centre is pleased to be named the health and High Performance fitness provider for the Canadian Soccer                                     Associations, National Training Centre-Ontario from (2005-2007). Providing experienced on field and camp medical coverage.



                             The Sports Injury & Rehab Centre experienced and dedicated soccer doctors and therapists continue to provide the on field emergency                                 injury management and medical supervision required during the provincial Ontario Cup Indoor and Outdoor Championship games.



                             Owned and operated by one of the most accomplished soccer players in Canada, Carlos Rivas. The Sports Injury & Rehab Centre is                                       honored to be affiliated with this prestigious soccer school as the official health care and fitness team training provider.



                             As an official service provider for the Canadian Sport Centre-Ontario, the Sports Injury & Rehab Centres provides medical assessment,                                 cutting edge therapy and national level fitness testing and assessment to many of Canada’s notable amateur athletes. Many of our                                       services are covered by the carding program offered to selected carded athletes currently on a national level but soon on a provincial                                   level.



                             This unique company provides expert advice and leadership for up and coming athletes in Canada. The Sports Injury & Rehab Centre                                     service providers are pleased to be professional advisers to this organisation.



                              The Sports Injury & Rehab Centre has been a teaching clinic for chiropractors working towards acquiring a university based sports                                        fellowship or specialty with sports residents providing research and evidence based services to our athletes. with the Royal College of                                  Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)



                               Computerized Cybex Diagnostic Equipment is the preferred physiological testing device used by the Sports Injury & Rehab Centre to                                     assess strength, speed and power. Essential components of athletic development and high performance training.



                              Graston Technique is the newest and hottest treatment technique for sports injury management. A soft tissue technique which is one                                    of the treatments currently being provided to professional and amateur athletes at the Sports Injury & Rehab Centre facilities.



                               The Sports Injury & Rehab Centre proudly provides the most up to date medically researched acupuncture treatment with and without                                 electrical stimulation and our providers are registered with the Acupuncture Council of Ontario.



                                Our sports specialists are able to fit and provide these high performance braces for our provincial and national team athletes.

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